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Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Lindsey Allred, and I am absolutely overjoyed and grateful to be serving as Alpha Gam’s Recruitment Chair this year! To serve a chapter that is as dedicated to their friendships, faithful to the Lord, and devoted to their academics and involvement as Alpha Gam is the biggest honor for me. Most importantly, I want you to know that words cannot accurately express the excitement I have to meet you so soon and to enjoy coming to know your unique personality and passions throughout recruitment!

It has brought me the greatest joy to be a part of such a distinguished chapter on Auburn’s campus. Alpha Gam has lifted me up with encouragement, empowered me to work towards my goals, shown me what authentic friendships look like, and made my college experience the fullest it could be.

My hope is that you find yourself feeling loved, cherished, and valued in every interaction you have within Alpha Gam. You are deserving of a week where you are delighted in and praised over for your individuality! Although your excitement with recruitment can sometimes be paired with nerves, I want you to be comforted in knowing that we are already so eager to meet you! We can’t wait to welcome you into our chapter room so that you can see why we are so overjoyed to call Alpha Gam “home”!

With love,

Lindsey Allred

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2018 Recruitment Schedule:

Saturday, August 11th — Ice Water Tea Day 1

Sunday, August 12th — Ice Water Tea Day 2

Monday, August 13th — Philanthropy Day1

Tuesday, August 14th —  Philanthropy Day 2

Wednesday, August 15th — Sisterhood Round

Thursday, August 16th — Pref Day

Friday, August 17th — Bid Day

Recommendation information can be found here.

Send your completed recommendations to:

Alpha Gamma Delta
Magnolia Hall Box #6
201 E Wire Road
Auburn University, AL 36849 


Alpha Gamma Delta
c/o Auburn University Panhellenic
1115 Auburn University Student Center
225 Heisman Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

You may also email your recommendations to auAlphaGam.membership@gmail.com.






 Director of New Member Engagement – Caroline Johnson

 Director of New Member Programs – McKenley Parker 





Hey y’all!!

         My name is Tay Tay Stroud, and I am blessed with the most incredible opportunity to serve as “Mama Nut” for this upcoming year in Alpha Gam! The joy I have about this opportunity is indescribable. I cannot wait to meet you precious people!

         The Lord put this position on my heart and has been so faithful. I am confident that each new member will join us for a special reason. I am pumped to have the honor of acting as each of your moms as you start the incredible journey of college. Think about all the things your mom does for you, that’s what I get to do for you next semester!! My job is to walk alongside you during this transition, this means that we get to go on endless lunch dates, walk to your new classes, pick out outfits for a first date, and drive down College Street with all the windows down & blare middle school throwbacks. My goal is to love you through it all.

         I can’t wait share in this journey with each of you, but the best part of recruitment is that every single member of Alpha Gam feels this way.  We are so excited to meet you and give you the biggest hug of your life! These are the girls that will walk alongside you in the highs and lows of the next four years and the rest of your lives. I have been praying for each of you since November and CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ALL YOUR FACES ON BID DAY!!!