Officer Spotlight: New Member Experience

Today, we are highlighting our New Member Experience team! This team consists of our Vice President of New Member Experience, Tay Tay Stroud; Director of New Member Programs, Mckenley Parker; and Director of New Member Engagement, Caroline Johnson.

These ladies are simply amazing, and they are patiently waiting to welcome home our new pledge class. They will spend the next semester guiding our new pledge class as they transition into this exciting stage of life! We asked them about their roles, and to give a little bit of advice for recruitment coming up soon!!

L to R: Caroline Johnson, Tay Tay Stroud, Mckenley Parker

L to R: Caroline Johnson, Tay Tay Stroud, Mckenley Parker

Vice President of New Member Experience, Tay Tay Stroud

My role as the VP of New Member Experience means that I am your Mama Nut!!!!!
The thing that I am most excited for as Mama Nut is the privilege of walking through such a vital and transitional time of life with our new freshman. I cannot wait to be their friend, love on them, and welcome them into both the Auburn family and the Alpha Gam community. The Alpha Gams that have walked through the highs and lows of life with me have made Alpha Gam a true home for me, and sharing this home with our new freshman will be such a great joy and honor.
During recruitment, make time in the morning to drink coffee and be alone, because recruitment can make even the most extroverted people introverted. Also, get to know the girls in your Pi Chi group.

Director of New Member Programs, Mckenley Parker

I am the Director of New Member Programs, and I love how I am able to put my own finger print onto AGD and this chapter by being able to plan this new pledge classes experiences from big-little to what they will be gifted! But my all time favorite part is to be a big sister to 80 girls this upcoming semester!! That I am in the position to talk, love on, and go through such a big part of these girls lives and help them as much as I can along the way!!
My best recruitment advice is to never stray from who you are! Be yourself everywhere you go not only in the chapter rooms but as you eat dinner with your Pi Chi group to and as you hang out with girls in your dorm, just be you!!

Director of New Member Engagement, Caroline Johnson

My role in alpha gam is Director of New Member Engagement, which means that I get to coordinate events that will allow our freshman girls to become more comfortable with each other, as well as meet new people outside of our sorority. I am in charge of planning the freshmen swaps with other fraternities, which allows the girls to socialize and get to know the guys their age. I also organize “Nutty Buddy” dates, which is where girls from the sophomore pledge class get to take the freshmen out to lunch or dinner, and at the end each girl votes who they think would fit best as their “Big and Little.” My favorite part about this position is getting to work alongside our Mama Nut, Tay Tay, and my co-assistant, Mckenley. Tay Tay has already been praying for and loving on our new girls since last year, and I love how I get to follow her lead and do everything I can to make them feel welcomed and loved as they are starting their first semester!
My best recruitment advice would be for each girl to remind herself that her status and worth are not determined by the presumed reputation of each sorority or the older girls they chat with in each party. Sometimes we act in a way to fit the mold of a certain group of people because it’s what we want to fit in with, not what the Lord has called us to fit in with. Remaining true to yourself, and remembering that your identity is a loved child of God regardless of what everyone else thinks, will keep you at ease throughout the recruitment process!

PC Class '18, you are getting the best mentors, encouragers, and friends in this team. We are counting down the days until we meet you!