Officer Spotlight: Philanthropy Team

Happy #HungerActionDay! September is Hunger Action Month— a month to take action against the hunger crisis. During September, we strive to be more knowledgeable and proactive in our own community. Hunger impacts so many, and we take this month to remember the difference we can make through activities and awareness.


To highlight our hunger initiative, we are featuring our Philanthropy Team who works so diligently to make sure our chapter is doing everything we can to support our philanthropy within Alpha Gam and our community. Hear what they have to say about their roles!

Victoria Black, Vice President of Philanthropy

What is your role as Vice President of Philanthropy?

As VP of Philanthropy, I spearhead all fundraising and community service efforts of the Gamma Delta Chapter! So anything from Fifth Quarter to Java Jam is all me! I have truly enjoyed every second of serving in this way for my chapter and the encouragement that they give me through it all.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

To be able to unify the chapter behind one cause, and see a real tangible difference in our community has been something so special to my Alpha Gam experience. There is a true need in our community to fight back against hunger and it has been so special to see change enacted in Lee County.

Rushton Davis, Director of Community Service

What is your role on the Philanthropy Team?

I am the Director of Community Service, and with that comes a couple different roles! One of the things I get to do is organize a list of local community service opportunities that are available each week; that way, Alpha Gams can be informed and give back to the community at times that work with their schedule (and make giving back part of our weekly routine!) I also work closely with the local nonprofits that Alpha Gam partners with each year for Week of Service to coordinate and provide the best service to them as possible!

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

My favorite part about my role is seeing how hands-on and tangible Alpha Gam’s philanthropy, Fighting Hunger, really is! As incredible as it is to raise money for this cause, it is so rewarding to see Alpha Gams give their time and energy so selflessly on a regular basis to make an impact on our community.

Caroline Cook, Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement

What is your role on the Philanthropy Team?

Basically, I just help Victoria out with anything and everything philanthropy! If she needs extra coordination with bands for Wing Jam or vendors for Java Jam, I help her out with that.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Alpha Gam is incredibly involved not only in philanthropy but community service, as well. We work with organizations where we can immediately see our impact such as Meals on Wheels. To see how we can impact those people with simple acts is definitely the most rewarding part of my position!

We are so thankful for everything these ladies do to help our chapter fight hunger. They work to allow us to participate in so many amazing projects such as Fifth Quarter, Meals on Wheels, food pantries, philanthropy events, and so much more!

Our annual philanthropy event, Wing Jam, is coming up on October 2nd! Be sure to join us for good music and wings all in the effort to fight hunger. Reach out to an Alpha Gam for more information and to purchase a wristband.

Officer Spotlight: Recruitment Team

A special shoutout to these ladies! This is our Recruitment Team, and they have worked so incredibly hard for quite some time to prepare for this week. Creative, smart, and talented does not even begin to describe them! The team consists of Lindsey Allred, Vice President of Recruitment; Evan Foy, Assistant Director of Recruitment;  and Brooke Lindsey, Assistant Director of Recruitment. Each of them is elated about this week, so read below about their roles and what they are most excited about!

L to R: Brooke Lindsey, Lindsey Allred, and Evan Foy

L to R: Brooke Lindsey, Lindsey Allred, and Evan Foy

Lindsey Allred, Vice President of Recruitment

What is your favorite part of your role?

Ahhhh this is a hard question!! I would have to say my favorite part of being Recruitment Chair so far has been having the unique perspective of watching our chapter grow even closer to one another, encouraging one another, lifting each other up in prayer, leaning on one another when they are tired, and ultimately leading each other to Christ.

What are you most excited for this week?

EASY. Getting to love and celebrate each girl who walks through our doors!!! I honestly can’t think about it for long or I’ll get way too amped.

Evan Foy, Assistant Director of Recruitment 

What is your favorite part of your role?

Hands down being by Lindsey’s side!!! Having the opportunity to work with Lindsey this past summer has been one of the most rewarding experiences. She has handled her position with such care, diligence, compassion, and joy. She puts Alpha Gams and PNMs before herself which truly shows her leadership! She has impacted me tremendously. and it is an experience I will never forget! 

What are you most excited for this week?

Definitely seeing everything come together!!! Lindsey has worked so hard, and she has had so many amazing ideas. I have loved seeing these ideas come to life!! I cannot wait to watch the PNMs see Lindsey’s hard work and hear her authenticity this week through her words and actions!! It’s so crazy it’s finally here!!!

Brooke Lindsey. Assistant Director of Recruitment

What is your favorite part of your role?

I’d have to say my favorite part of my position is using my creative abilities to help Lindsey create her vision!! It has been such a joy to work along side Lindsey over the past few months!! The whole recruitment team has been waiting for this week for months, and we are thrilled it is finally here!! 

What are you most excited for this week?

I am most excited to love on all sweet potential new members and show them how special Alpha Gam is to me!!! There is nothing more special than loving on a potential new member and sending them out more confident then they came in. Alpha Gam is so dear to me and has given me some of the most EPIC friends that have made Auburn home! 

We are so thankful for Lindsey, Evan, and Brooke's hard work in preparing for this week. It is such a blessing to have them lead our chapter, and the entire chapter is SO EXCITED to welcome home PC '18!!!! 

Officer Spotlight: New Member Experience

Today, we are highlighting our New Member Experience team! This team consists of our Vice President of New Member Experience, Tay Tay Stroud; Director of New Member Programs, Mckenley Parker; and Director of New Member Engagement, Caroline Johnson.

These ladies are simply amazing, and they are patiently waiting to welcome home our new pledge class. They will spend the next semester guiding our new pledge class as they transition into this exciting stage of life! We asked them about their roles, and to give a little bit of advice for recruitment coming up soon!!

L to R: Caroline Johnson, Tay Tay Stroud, Mckenley Parker

L to R: Caroline Johnson, Tay Tay Stroud, Mckenley Parker

Vice President of New Member Experience, Tay Tay Stroud

My role as the VP of New Member Experience means that I am your Mama Nut!!!!!
The thing that I am most excited for as Mama Nut is the privilege of walking through such a vital and transitional time of life with our new freshman. I cannot wait to be their friend, love on them, and welcome them into both the Auburn family and the Alpha Gam community. The Alpha Gams that have walked through the highs and lows of life with me have made Alpha Gam a true home for me, and sharing this home with our new freshman will be such a great joy and honor.
During recruitment, make time in the morning to drink coffee and be alone, because recruitment can make even the most extroverted people introverted. Also, get to know the girls in your Pi Chi group.

Director of New Member Programs, Mckenley Parker

I am the Director of New Member Programs, and I love how I am able to put my own finger print onto AGD and this chapter by being able to plan this new pledge classes experiences from big-little to what they will be gifted! But my all time favorite part is to be a big sister to 80 girls this upcoming semester!! That I am in the position to talk, love on, and go through such a big part of these girls lives and help them as much as I can along the way!!
My best recruitment advice is to never stray from who you are! Be yourself everywhere you go not only in the chapter rooms but as you eat dinner with your Pi Chi group to and as you hang out with girls in your dorm, just be you!!

Director of New Member Engagement, Caroline Johnson

My role in alpha gam is Director of New Member Engagement, which means that I get to coordinate events that will allow our freshman girls to become more comfortable with each other, as well as meet new people outside of our sorority. I am in charge of planning the freshmen swaps with other fraternities, which allows the girls to socialize and get to know the guys their age. I also organize “Nutty Buddy” dates, which is where girls from the sophomore pledge class get to take the freshmen out to lunch or dinner, and at the end each girl votes who they think would fit best as their “Big and Little.” My favorite part about this position is getting to work alongside our Mama Nut, Tay Tay, and my co-assistant, Mckenley. Tay Tay has already been praying for and loving on our new girls since last year, and I love how I get to follow her lead and do everything I can to make them feel welcomed and loved as they are starting their first semester!
My best recruitment advice would be for each girl to remind herself that her status and worth are not determined by the presumed reputation of each sorority or the older girls they chat with in each party. Sometimes we act in a way to fit the mold of a certain group of people because it’s what we want to fit in with, not what the Lord has called us to fit in with. Remaining true to yourself, and remembering that your identity is a loved child of God regardless of what everyone else thinks, will keep you at ease throughout the recruitment process!

PC Class '18, you are getting the best mentors, encouragers, and friends in this team. We are counting down the days until we meet you!



Officers Spotlight: Campus Relations

Officers Spotlight: Campus Relations

L to R: Morgan Hawk, Annie Ozment, Katherine Facteau, Parker van Duran, Katherine Carothers

L to R: Morgan Hawk, Annie Ozment, Katherine Facteau, Parker van Duran, Katherine Carothers

Meet our Campus Relations team! These gals work so hard for our chapter making sure all of us are in tune with what is going on with Panhellenic and other activities on Auburn's campus. We have Parker van Durand, VP of Campus Relations, who is their fearless leader; Annie Ozment, Junior Panhellenic Delegate; Katherine Carothers, Director of Leadership; Katherine Facteau, Director of Activities; and Morgan Hawk, Intramural Chair. We asked each of them about the role they play in Alpha Gam, and what is their favorite part is about their position.

Parker van Durand, Vice President of Campus Relations

My role is to make sure Alpha Gam is involved in other organizations and events on campus! I am also in charge of Alpha Gam’s involvement with Panhellenic! My favorite part of this job is getting to meet members of the other amazing sororities on campus! They all put on great events!

Annie Ozment, Junior Panhellenic Delegate

My favorite thing is being able to make friends with girls from every sorority through our weekly meetings! My role is to attend all Panhellenic Council meetings which are biweekly, and every other week I attend a meeting with the other Junior Panhellenic Delegates. We promote events our sorority is putting on and help with Panhellenic wide fundraisers and drives like Habitat for Humanity and Valentines Day cards for retirement homes!

Katherine Carothers, Director of Leadership

As Director of Leadership, I connect members of our chapter to other organizations on campus, as well as encourage our continued presence in organizations where we are already involved. My favorite part about my job is seeing the impact members of our chapter make on Auburn’s campus. Between War Eagle Girls, elected and appointed members of SGA, mentors to freshmen in Emerge at Auburn, or Student Recruiters to potential Auburn students, people across our campus and community are loved on by members of our chapter. I can’t wait to help and assist our incoming pledge class as a resource in connecting them all across our campus, and encouraging them to be active and passionate leaders.

Katherine Facteau, Director of Activities

My favorite thing about serving as Director of Activities is that I am able to encourage girls to participate in different Panhellenic events. I think it is very important to show our support to other sororities to promote inclusiveness on campus and to get to know girls we may not get to know otherwise. I have loved this role as I have gotten to reach out to other sororities, form bonds within Alpha Gam, and serve the girls around me.

Morgan Hawk, Intramural Chair

My role as Intramural Chair is to organize each individual sports team and schedule our games! I am responsible for selecting our jerseys and making sure everyone is always in the know about upcoming games and sports coming up. My favorite part of my role has most definitely been the unforeseen friendships that I have gained. Playing sports with someone creates a unique, special bond and trust. I have gained friendships in other pledge classes that I would have never been exposed to without intramurals!

These ladies serve Alpha Gam so well, and we are so thankful for all of their hard work. Because of Campus Relation's work, we are involved in over 130 organiztaions on campus, and Alpha Gam looks forward to participating in Panhellenic events with other sororities. We love y'all!!