week of 4/8-4/12

Amy Hall

Tampa, Florida native Amy Hall has been nothing short of a hardworking, intelligent Alpha Gam these past two years. Most recently, this sophomore knockout has been giving 110 percent and dedicating her heart and soul to everything that she does.

Amy is a friend to all that she meets and a star student. She is majoring in accounting and studies most waking hours of the day. If you walk into the chapter room at any given point, Amy will be downstairs with her laptop, intermediate accounting textbook and a calculator ready to go. If you see her around give her a pat on the back for the sleepless hours she puts in staring at numbers and attending accounting socials.

“Amy is the type of girl who will have a test, but sacrifice her time of studying to help others understand things so that they can excel,” said her friend Collyn Davis.

Not only does she strive to be the best in her academics, but she always focuses on being a wise, selfless friend. Amy is the type of person that you don’t have to put up any walls for. She accepts you wholeheartedly for who you are and is honest in all her friendships.

“She is so wise for our age and gives the greatest advice. I can’t wait to room with her for the rest of college,” said her close friend Abigail Pitts.

Amy is admirable, thoughtful and unconditionally genuine. We are proud of the woman she is and love to watch her grow. She is involved on campus volunteering with Project Uplift and is continously immersing herself in different accounting organizations to further her professional life. Getting even more ahead of the game, she is preparing to start a corporate tax internship in Tampa this summer before she starts her junior year.

Determination and authenticity is what Amy portrays best. The Gamma Delta chapter is lucky to have someone so poised and determined. Lastly, she represents the following line of the Alpha Gamma Delta purpose so appropriately. [to hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable]