week of 3/4-3/8

Maddie Buck

California-native Maddie Buck is one of the most remarkable girls we know. A senior studying Occupational Therapy, Maddie has a huge heart for others. This girl is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to meet others and make girls feel like they are right at home. Her welcoming, bubbly personality is one of the things that people notice about her when she walks in a room!

Maddie is involved in the organization Best Buddies at Auburn. She exudes joy when she gets to talk about special needs and how she wants to help advocate for these individuals. She has had the same buddy for the past three years. They love to go out to eat together and get their nails done. Buck has a passion for people with special needs and is described by those she encounters as one of the most caring girls.

“Everyone needs a friend like Maddie Buck,” said her roommate Hannah Singleton.

This fall, Maddie will be continuing her OT education at Boston University to fulfill her dream of being an occupational therapist. The effect she has had on our chapter has been one of multitudes, with her encouraging people to get involved with her passions. We know this easygoing, compassionate leader has the magnitude to affect many people in her lifetime!

“Maddie has a passion for people,” said Singleton.