week of 3/18-3/22

Julia Goodson

Freshman Julia Goodson has risen to the occasion recently to help out not only her close friends, but all Gamma Delta members feel included and supported. Recently joining Alpha Gam and becoming Property Assistant, Goodson originally grew up in Port Allen, Louisiana. Julia is majoring in Chemical Engineering where she dedicates her time studying subjects like calculus, chemistry, and physics.

As Property Assistant to Property Chair Camille DiCarlo, they have become not only teammates and advocates for Alpha Gam, but best friends who do everything together. Goodson is always by DiCarlo’s side offering her assistance and help for anything needed to help better Alpha Gam. Julia and her friends spend time watching “The Bachelor” together and she is always sure to bring them home their favorite Lousiana treats on the way back to Auburn.

“I am endlessly grateful that we found each other…she is the most caring, supportive girl I know,” said DiCarlo.

Her leadership, service and dedication to her studies at such an early start in her college career have not gone unrecognized. Julia’s friends said you can always find her studying in a coffee shop because she is so dedicated to her school work.

Apart from her school and leadership activities, this girl is a huge baseball fan, lover of fun earrings and some quality king cake. You can find her at each social rocking some fun accessories, like at the Christmas social where she killed wearing some jingle bell earrings! This fun and spunky girl is loved by so many Gamma Delta members. Her actions speak louder than words.

“She is so encouraging. If you don’t believe in yourself, she will always believe in you and makes sure to show it,” said her friend Lucie Moore.

Julia is a remarkably servant-hearted girl whose sweet and vibrant personality will continue to shine far beyond the walls of Alpha Gam.