week of 4/8-4/12

Amy Hall

Tampa, Florida native Amy Hall has been nothing short of a hardworking, intelligent Alpha Gam these past two years. Most recently, this sophomore knockout has been giving 110 percent and dedicating her heart and soul to everything that she does.

Amy is a friend to all that she meets and a star student. She is majoring in accounting and studies most waking hours of the day. If you walk into the chapter room at any given point, Amy will be downstairs with her laptop, intermediate accounting textbook and a calculator ready to go. If you see her around give her a pat on the back for the sleepless hours she puts in staring at numbers and attending accounting socials.

“Amy is the type of girl who will have a test, but sacrifice her time of studying to help others understand things so that they can excel,” said her friend Collyn Davis.

Not only does she strive to be the best in her academics, but she always focuses on being a wise, selfless friend. Amy is the type of person that you don’t have to put up any walls for. She accepts you wholeheartedly for who you are and is honest in all her friendships.

“She is so wise for our age and gives the greatest advice. I can’t wait to room with her for the rest of college,” said her close friend Abigail Pitts.

Amy is admirable, thoughtful and unconditionally genuine. We are proud of the woman she is and love to watch her grow. She is involved on campus volunteering with Project Uplift and is continously immersing herself in different accounting organizations to further her professional life. Getting even more ahead of the game, she is preparing to start a corporate tax internship in Tampa this summer before she starts her junior year.

Determination and authenticity is what Amy portrays best. The Gamma Delta chapter is lucky to have someone so poised and determined. Lastly, she represents the following line of the Alpha Gamma Delta purpose so appropriately. [to hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable]

week of 4/1-4/5

Claire Carter

The brightest smile and the sweetest laugh. This is our girl Claire Carter. A sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama, Claire has truly shined and inspired all members of the Gamma Delta chapter.

Many of her friends speak of how dedicated to being involved and immersing herself on campus. Claire recently was named a member of Auburn Univeristy’s Big Event executive committee. Not only that, but she is in sophomore honor society Lambda Sigma, a College of Education Ambassador and volunteers with Project Uplift. Her heart for helping others is the most evident and dominant thing that appears when she is around.

“She is a true, natural-born leader,” said sophomore and Vice President of Philanthropy Katie Powers.

Gamma Delta members have seen Claire’s heart for wanting to be involved in Alpha Gam. We know she will continously be there to serve our chapter with her cheerful, positive attitude. This girl has a “how can I help?” outlook when helping her friends.

“There is never a moment with her that is not spent laughing…Claire’s friendships are founded on Christ and filled with laughter,” said her close friend Ellie Hart.


week of 3/25-3/29

Tay Tay Stroud

“Member Experience”// Momma Nut” // “Tay Tay” These are just a couple of the names our girl Tay Tay Stroud has gone by. This natural born leader has held various positions on Alpha Gam executive council such as Vice President of New Member Experience and Vice President of Member Experience. She has so selflessly served each girl to ensure that their Alpha Gamma Delta experience is one unlike any other.

Tay Tay is the type of girl who wants everyone to feel comfortable and at ease around her. Her contagious smile and joyful spirit have lit up our chapter room and member experiences for the past 3 years. During 2018 recruitment, we witnessed her pour out her heart and be so vulnerable so that girls would feel her transparency and the love she wanted to demonstrate. As we watch her grow and lead our chapter in more ways than one, we admire her authenticity and genuine heart.

“She loves others so well; regardless of whether they are on the mountaintop or in the trenches,” said her friend Rushton Davis.

Tay Tay continues to love on the girls she once served as Momma Nut (VP of New Member Experience) for, constantly checking in on their lives and continously welcoming girls with open arms. Now serving as VP of Member Experience, Tay Tay ensures that at all stages of girls’ four years, they feel secure and loved. Her heart and passion for the Lord shines daily. We thank our lucky stars for someone like Tay Tay Stroud.

“Tay Tay helped my whole pledge class adjust to college and was my mom away from home,” said freshman Camille Dicarlo.


week of 3/18-3/22

Julia Goodson

Freshman Julia Goodson has risen to the occasion recently to help out not only her close friends, but all Gamma Delta members feel included and supported. Recently joining Alpha Gam and becoming Property Assistant, Goodson originally grew up in Port Allen, Louisiana. Julia is majoring in Chemical Engineering where she dedicates her time studying subjects like calculus, chemistry, and physics.

As Property Assistant to Property Chair Camille DiCarlo, they have become not only teammates and advocates for Alpha Gam, but best friends who do everything together. Goodson is always by DiCarlo’s side offering her assistance and help for anything needed to help better Alpha Gam. Julia and her friends spend time watching “The Bachelor” together and she is always sure to bring them home their favorite Lousiana treats on the way back to Auburn.

“I am endlessly grateful that we found each other…she is the most caring, supportive girl I know,” said DiCarlo.

Her leadership, service and dedication to her studies at such an early start in her college career have not gone unrecognized. Julia’s friends said you can always find her studying in a coffee shop because she is so dedicated to her school work.

Apart from her school and leadership activities, this girl is a huge baseball fan, lover of fun earrings and some quality king cake. You can find her at each social rocking some fun accessories, like at the Christmas social where she killed wearing some jingle bell earrings! This fun and spunky girl is loved by so many Gamma Delta members. Her actions speak louder than words.

“She is so encouraging. If you don’t believe in yourself, she will always believe in you and makes sure to show it,” said her friend Lucie Moore.

Julia is a remarkably servant-hearted girl whose sweet and vibrant personality will continue to shine far beyond the walls of Alpha Gam.


week of 3/4-3/8

Maddie Buck

California-native Maddie Buck is one of the most remarkable girls we know. A senior studying Occupational Therapy, Maddie has a huge heart for others. This girl is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to meet others and make girls feel like they are right at home. Her welcoming, bubbly personality is one of the things that people notice about her when she walks in a room!

Maddie is involved in the organization Best Buddies at Auburn. She exudes joy when she gets to talk about special needs and how she wants to help advocate for these individuals. She has had the same buddy for the past three years. They love to go out to eat together and get their nails done. Buck has a passion for people with special needs and is described by those she encounters as one of the most caring girls.

“Everyone needs a friend like Maddie Buck,” said her roommate Hannah Singleton.

This fall, Maddie will be continuing her OT education at Boston University to fulfill her dream of being an occupational therapist. The effect she has had on our chapter has been one of multitudes, with her encouraging people to get involved with her passions. We know this easygoing, compassionate leader has the magnitude to affect many people in her lifetime!

“Maddie has a passion for people,” said Singleton.

week of 2/25-2/28

Robyn Whitaker

What a girl Robyn Whitaker has been these past four years in our chapter. This enthusiastic senior has been a leader nonetheless, showing her love for others in endless amounts of ways.

With a smile that could really make anyone’s bad day better, Robyn truly radiates joy and kindness to those she encounters. She leads through the Auburn University’s chapter of the International Justice Mission (IJM) as president, advocating for an end to human trafficking and slavery. Her passsion for this organization has been quite evident these past few years as Robyn has encouraged many members of the Gamma Delta chapter to join the fight with her.

“This is just one of the areas of her life where Robyn shines,” said senior Sarah Atkinson, one of Whitaker’s close friends.

This upcoming summer, Robyn is biking across the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego with an intiative called “Pedal the Pacific”, to raise money for The Refuge DMST, an aftercare facility for assisting those effected by human trafficking.

“She has an insane amount of commitment and is a fantastic leader…I’m so proud to call her my friend,” said Lily Niebur, a senior also involved in IJM with Robyn.

As Robyn continues to set inspiring examples for members of our chapter, we wish her the best of luck and can’t wait to see what she does in the future, because we know it will be remarkable!


week of february 18-22

Katie Powers

Katie Powers is a one-of-a-kind member.  Serving on our 2018-2019 executive board, Katie serves as the Vice President of Philanthropy.  We are so excited to brag on her for her efforts during Week of Service.

Katie has gone above and beyond to create different opportunities for members to get involved in.  From volunteering at organizations like the Food Bank of East Alabama and BigHouse Foundation, to collecting items to donate to those organizations, we are amazed to say the least.

As she wrapped up this past successful week contributing to our community, she is already planning for our spring philanthropy event.  This will be the second annual Java Jam and we cannot wait to see what Katie is planning for our sorority and community.


 “I had no idea when I met Katie on bid day how much she would mean to me.  She is my best friend, my rock, my supporter and has the brightest personality,” said Savanah Kirchner of her friend.


The dedication and light that Katie brings to our chapter is unlike any other.  This “go-getter” wants to use her communications degree to attend law school and become an adoption attorney, demonstrating her heart and passion for others. Her aspirations and determination push us all as a chapter.

“Alpha Gam immediately made Auburn feel like a second home, even from being an out-of-state student,” said Powers.

Through Katie’s passion for service, leadership and selflessness many members are inspired by her day-to-day actions.  This girl is going far in the world and we are energized by her positive, servant-minded heart.