Our girls are some of the most well rounded women we know. From Miss Auburn to Intramural Athletes, from College of Engineering President to Auburn University Cheerleaders, Alpha Gams can be found in organizations all over campus. There is no "typical" Alpha Gam – our members are diverse, each uniquely contributing to our chapter, our campus, and our community. Most importantly, it is the girls in this chapter that offer the greatest support system and unmatched community. Being an Alpha Gam means knowing that you will have girls surrounding you on Cater Lawn and cheering you on at call outs. It means having confidence that older members will be there to offer advice before your first big Auburn interview freshman year. It means having friends unexpectedly show up on your doorstep with congratulatory candy and flowers after landing your dream job. This kind of friendship is what we are most proud of. 

Greek Sing 2019 - 1st Place

We are so proud of these girls for all of their hard work and dedication!!


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“In Alpha Gam, I have experienced love I don’t deserve and joy I didn’t know possible. I chose Alpha Gam not because my two sisters and mother had done so before me, but because of the authenticity displayed and undeniable ambition unique to this campus. I was confident that Alpha Gam would enrich my Auburn experience, leaving me wiser, sharper, and more in love with Jesus than before. The girls I have been surrounded by have made it the best four years of my life; loving me for who I am, not what I do. In Alpha Gam, I thank the Lord everyday for His tender mercies and faithfulness when we call upon Him; giving purpose to our lives and friendships that together impact His kingdom far greater than imaginable!”

-Sarah Epperson, Pledge Class 2013