Insiders View: Emma Pitcock


Insiders View allows you to get a look at what it is like to be an Alpha Gam, and how diverse and special this chapter really is. Follow along with this series to get to know some of our members.

Meet Emma!


She is a rising Sophomore from Katy, TX majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Nonprofit. 


We wanted to ask Emma some details about what she's doing this summer, and about the journals she made to make it happen. Her passion is undeniable, and she makes our hearts so full!


Tell us what you are doing this summer!

"I've been called to a 2.5 month internship with Mission UpReach in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Throughout the summer, I'll be working closely alongside the short term missions teams that come through, as well as doing behind the scenes work with the founders of Mission UpReach. Every day I have the opportunity to share the gospel through their various ministries such as Dulce Refugio (women's shelter and counseling) and DESEO (youth outreach). Most importantly, though, I get the privilege to sing, dance, praise, love, and serve all in His name!"

So tell us all about the beautiful journals you made... they were amazing.

"To help fundraise for my internship, I decided to sell customizable journals. I first got the idea from my close friend about a year ago when she asked me to make a few for graduation presents. When thinking of ways to raise money, I figured that making the journals would be the best option because of their uniqueness and my passion for art. I started out with 15 journals, hopeful that they would all sell. Exceeding my minute expectations, I ended up selling 158 journals! My jaw still drops every time I hear that number, but it is such a direct image of how the Lord abundantly provides." 


What was your favorite part about preparing for this experience and making all of the journals?

"The whole process of getting the internship, raising money, and preparing to leave has been so orchestrated by the Lord. Every step of this journey He has taught me something new and drew me closer to Him. I have become more in awe of Him in every moment throughout these past few months. One of the coolest things has been meeting people through the journal process. I have had people all over the country contact me about ordering a journal and supporting me with my internship. What makes me smile the biggest is the fact that God has shown, grown, and revealed to me so much already, and I'm not even In Honduras yet! I am prayerfully expectant for what he has planned for the next 2.5 months."

How did Alpha Gam support you through this experience?

"I could hug everyone in Alpha Gam a million times in thankfulness for their overwhelming support throughout this process. I could go on and on about the love that I have received from each and every girl in Alpha Gam. At least half of my journals were ordered from girls in AGD or their friends who had heard about my trip through them. The unending intentionality that has been shown to me through conversations and prayer has meant the absolute world to me." 

Emma, we are all so thrilled for you, and we can't wait to see the way the Lord works through you in Honduras this summer. See you soon!