Insiders View: Kathryn Grace Faulk


Insiders View allows you to get a look at what it is like to be an Alpha Gam, and how diverse and special this chapter really is. Follow along with this series to get to know some of our members.

Meet KG!


KG is a rising senior from Atlanta majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Nonprofit.

She has many amazing qualities, but today we are highlighting her super amazing photography skills.

To get to know more about her photography, we asked her a few questions:

How did you get into photography?

"Photography has always been something I’ve loved, but never thought I would be good enough at it!! I bought my first big girl camera when I was a rising sophomore in college, and have just been taking pictures ever since! I’ve taught myself everything, and have read some super nerdy books to get better.  Haha!!"

What are you doing with photography over the summer?

"I will be working at Passion City Church this summer as an intern, and I hope to get experience with some photographers that I look up to that work there. I will also be shooting a ton of concerts this summer! I will be going to LA at the end of the summer to shadow some concert photographers up there as well as interviewing for internships with magazine companies!"

How do you use photography on Auburn's campus?

"I use photography on Auburn’s campus with any organizations that need help! From Delight to Emerge, I’ve been able to help out there as well as any graduation pics one needs. Haha!"

What do you like to take pictures of the most/ what is your favorite part about photography? 

"My favorite part about photography is the people I meet and the way that Jesus works through me with photography. It is truly so humbling to be able to create with my Heavenly Father and see His purpose for my life through photography. I am so blessed that He has given me this passion, and that He has allowed me to be where I am! Concert photography as well as product photography is my favorite, and I really want to start pursuing that out in LA! I will be moving there in the spring to work with some magazine companies hopefully!!"

What do you like to do other than take pictures??

"I love to explore and create, and I think that’s why I love photography so much. I love a good coffee shop, hiking/camping, and being with my people!"

How has Alpha Gam supported you in photography?

"Alpha Gam has supported me in photography by giving me opportunities as well as the best encouragement when it comes to pursuing my dreams. They see the best in me and push me always to shoot for the stars!!"

KG was so kind as to take our pictures for our website and recruitment this year, and she did an incredible job. We are so fortunate to have her, and we are so thankful that she utilized her talents for our chapter! We love you!!!! <3