Hi and welcome to the website of the Gamma Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta! Take a look around our page to capture a glimpse of the chapter and just what sets us apart! Alpha Gam has been the biggest blessing to me during my college experience because of the people. I hope you can see some of the people I love and why I am honored to be a part of Alpha Gam!

I grew up wearing an Auburn cheerleading uniform with Dippin’ Dots in hand. Although my family members had chosen Auburn for their college experiences, choosing Auburn was likely but not required of me. As I am about to enter my last calendar year at Auburn, I am very thankful that the Lord had this place and these people in His plan for me. After pledging Alpha Gam, I knew I was a part of a group of girls that would influence my college experience. I was so prayerful that I would find real friends: friends to study with (then study break with for a quick ice cream trip), to cheer alongside me, to encourage me, to get ready for formals with, and to do life with. My experience as a member of Alpha Gam has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am truly honored to serve as this year’s Chapter President! 

Alpha Gams are a great mix, like the flavors of Dippin’ Dots! The women in Alpha Gam have big hearts for service, leadership, adventure, style, and missions! Each member is a “sweet treat” and an addition to what makes our chapter unique. From involvement on campus, to someone to sit next to at church, to singing karaoke together on a Friday night, everyone has a place here. 

Psalms 34:5 says “Those who look to him are radiant with joy,” and I can say that the women in Alpha Gam have pushed me to look to the Lord in all times and to be joyful in doing so. I feel as if Alpha Gams are radiant and I hope you can see our joy today. Thank you for stopping by!


Mary Braden Hendon

President, Gamma Delta Chapter